Road Kings: Mobile Works of Art

What do you do to pass the time, when your six-hour bus ride turns into an 11-hour tardy and sweaty journey?

You creep and watch the world go by!

At a dead stop on the winding road returning from trekking in Langtang National Park or at a snail’s pace in the Kathmandu traffic, I had many opportunities.DSC_0856DSC_0811DSC_0014DSC_0802IMG_3460But it was the colourful Nepalese Tata trucks that captivated my attention.

Hand decorated with paint, the mobile works of art helped pass the time.

Road King Tata truck in Kathmandu

DSC_0818DSC_0851DSC_0848DSC_0849I’m not sure who the message ‘GOOD LUCK’ is meant for?

Good Luck Tata truck in Kathmandu

DSC_0846DSC_0855The artists’ even sign their handiwork.

Tata truck signed handiwork

Woman and Road King Tata truck

There is so much to admire on a journey, notice everything! – Ginette

5 thoughts on “Road Kings: Mobile Works of Art

  1. Just wow! Look what you would have missed if you had been moving faster. The painted trucks are incredible works of art.

  2. I’m with you, Ginette. A camera and a good book are necessities of travel, and they just might get you through an umpteen hour delay. Note: I did use the word, might. 🙂 The photos you managed to capture are fun, however. –Curt

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