Graduation and New Beginnings

Celebrating the end of an era, the beginning of a new stage of life. This past weekend our second daughter, Vivianne graduated from university.

“It’s all about new beginnings, laying solid foundations and building strong relationships. Everything we want is in front of us!” -unknown

Lennoxville is home to Bishop’s University where she attended. A small university town located an hour east of Montreal in a region known as the Eastern Townships. Leaving the big city behind, gradually the scenery changes to rolling hills, valleys and ancient rounded peaks in the distance. Arriving in ‘Lennox’, along the bank of the St-Francis river you will find a beautiful campus dating back to the 1850’s.


Bishop’s convocation ceremony

Attending the convocation, as proud parents we watched the ceremony as the graduates marched to the stirring sound of the bagpipes into the auditorium. The music symbolizing the important achievements of the day. The event presided by the Chancellor granting their degrees.








All seriousness aside, we followed her around as she and her friends goofed around campus posing for appreciative parents and peers.


Cheers to us!


Convo weekend girls!

While Vivianne enjoyed some last crazy camaraderie and tearful good-bye’s, we took the opportunity to explore the region and the nearby hills — and that’s gonna have to wait for another post.

Returning the next day to drive her to her new home, we picked up a rather tired girl–apparently you don’t need to go to bed on your last night of celebrating.

While graduation normally marks new beginnings, in this case for Vivianne it truly is. In her words “new job, new apartment, new roommate, new city and new adventures!”

Vivianne’s next phase is taking her to historic Quebec City, a vibrant French Canadian community with a European feel.

 Chateau Frontenac, Quebec – Wikimedia Commons

We admire her determination and joy embracing this new stage of life. Her new marketing job  will see her working in a mostly French environment. Although French is her mother tongue, her young adult life has been predominantly English. To be immersed in a francophone working environment will have its challenges and rewards.

At the end of a work day, baby steps away from her apartment she will be able to stroll to the historic Plains of Abraham or explore the walled Vieux Quebec.

Our trip to Quebec City was all business about moving her in. While we didn’t get a chance to explore the city, we are planning to return soon.

Join us in wishing her luck.


Hello world, here comes Vivi!

Félicitations et bonne chance dans ta nouvelle étape de vie!


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  2. Here’s another aspect of this small world. Some friends I’ve known for some time are from that part of the world, and also went to Bishop’s! Big day for your daughter and her proud parents1

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