Lima: Peru’s Big Apple

Lima is the centre of the Peruvian universe. The rest of the country has historically followed the whims and wishes of the rulers based in the capital. This has changed somewhat in the last generation with the outlying regions gaining more political and economic clout.Plaza San Martin. Lima, PeruOur arrival into Lima was via bus, and the first thing that greets you is the congested traffic. Stop and start, horns blaring, smog and buses, trucks and cars everywhere.

Lima is known worldwide for its famous traffic jams, and we can assure you its fame in this department is still solid. You can walk faster in the city core than you can drive (or at least it seems that way.)

It is a massive city and home to more than nine million people with many districts and socio-economic barrios. We were fortunate to find a great AirBnB in Lince, a quiet, upscale neighbourhood near the financial district, and neighbouring San Isidro. Tree in bloom in Lince, Peru

Lima’s historic area is a beehive of human activity; the sidewalks jammed with people, and the streets are bumper to bumper traffic. Just outside the central core, you can find interesting pockets of arts, culture, music and parks.Mural in Lima, Perup1020657dsc_0499p1020639South Lima is the home of the upscale neighbourhoods of Miraflores and Barranco with splendid colonial architecture, vibrant plazas, and oceanside condos.p1020616Lima, we enjoyed our stay, but overall you are just another big, congested, and noisy city.

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