A Taste of Bretagne in Provence

We arrived in Aix-en-Provence after a long day of travel. Tired but hungry, we set out as dusk turned to night in search for something to eat.

Turning a corner, we stumbled on Crêpes, Cidre et Compagnie.

The brightly lit-up hot pink exterior contrasted among the gray stone facades of the narrow street, attracting our attention. We ventured into the tiny storefront to glance at the menu posted on the wall.

A friendly server asked if we’d like to order something. To Ginette, a crêpe or galette was the same thing, and so we thanked her, explaining that we needed more of a meal than just a desert.

She quickly clarified, “Bien, les crêpes son sucrées et les galettes salées.”

In other words, the former is sweet and the other salty. She continued to inform us on the differences. Both prepared on a circular hot plate; the batter is cooked to a very thin layer and filled with a variety of stuffings. The classic Galettes Bretonnes are made with Buckwheat flour and filled with thinly sliced ham and cheese, or vegetables such as tomatoes and spinach with goat cheese. Crêpes are the deserts, stuffed with fruits, chocolate, and other sweets.

Delphine at Crêpe, Cidre et Compagnie

Downstairs below the shop is the funky dining area; a cave with vaulted ceilings, white washed stone walls, hot pink water bottles, contemporary furnishings–a modish and cozy space!


We settled on the comfy couch with a glass of local wine and even though we were alone, we could envision the space enjoyable when filled with other diners.


She brought us one galette to share. It was so delicious, that and we ordered another.


Back upstairs we chatted with the owner and a customer for a while, and left with a list of sightseeing tips and a wonderful feeling of our first meal in France, truly a warm welcome to Provence.

Merci Delphine, for the genuinely friendly service. We’re sweet for Crêpes, Cidre et Compagnie!

Ginette and Gordon

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