Postcard of the Week: Million Dollar View

Our Million dollar view campsite in the heart of the Thousand Islands Region. At $28 US per day, it’s hard to beat.

Our Million dollar waterfront campsite for $28US per day—can’t be beat. Thousand Islands Region, New York

Redwood, New York.

7 thoughts on “Postcard of the Week: Million Dollar View

  1. A beautiful picture! I really enjoy your posts. What is the first destination on your RTW trip this September?

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    • Thank you! Nothing booked yet, but we are thinking of starting in Quito, Ecuador and spending the next 3 months travelling in South America. Until then we are staying close to home, enjoying summer in the Thousand Islands:) -Ginette

    • We agree, the 1000 Islands Region is stunning. We enjoy each outings we get to discover the islands up close, but they have always been by boat. We don’t own kayaks, so we’ve never paddled on the St Lawrence ourselves, but see many who do!

  2. Hi guys! My wife and I are thinking of making a quick trip to the Thousand Islands this summer. Do you recommend any particular campground? Bolt Castle is on our list of things to do. Any help would be appreciated.

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