72 Hours in Cotopaxi: Active Volcano Adventures

Leaving Quito, we took a shuttle bus to the Secret Garden Cotopaxi, an eco-friendly lodge on the outskirt of the world’s highest volcano.

dsc_0283Upon arrival, the staff greeted us to a warm lunch and a tour of the grounds,

dsc_0206followed by a pleasant walk to a nearby waterfall.

The view from our cosy cabana.


On our first day, we hiked to the extinct (last erupted 100,000 years ago) volcano Pasochoa at 4,200 m (13,800 ft).

img_2692p1010530dsc_0234At the summit, the clouds held back long enough for us to enjoy lunch and the beautiful views of the surrounding valleys. p1010539On day two, we drove to the base of Cotopaxi and hiked up to the Jose Ribas refuge at 4,862 m which is a personal best for us, a new elevation high.p1010567p1010571dsc_0269

After our descent back to the jeep we got out the mountain bikes and went for a ride back out to the park entrance.


On day three, we enjoyed some horseback riding in the Andean plains.

dsc_0411dsc_0352dsc_0313Cotopaxi National Park, a must see and do for your visit to Ecuador.

8 thoughts on “72 Hours in Cotopaxi: Active Volcano Adventures

  1. What a fabulous time you’re having, and you got some great photos. We did a day hike of Cotopaxi from Quito. The weather was foul, but we did get up a little past the refuge, and we saw an Andean wolf right by the road on the way down.

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