Chefchaouen: A Blue Mountain Gem

Chefchaouen, The ‘Blue City’ of Morocco, reinforced our admiration of the colours of the sky and the ocean, as in the blue doors we fell in love with in Essaouira.

Chaouen, as it’s often called, is located in the Rif mountains in the north-west section of the country, with roots dating back to medieval times when it was established by Moorish and Jewish refugees fleeing the Spanish Reconquista.

The city is known for its blue painted buildings ranging from light azure to deep cerulean, in various intensities from thick impasto to watercolour washes.

Not far from our Riad, we entered the old medina through a brick portal.

dsc_0119Wandering through the alleys nuances of blue, covering every surface, from walls, doors, as well as pavement and stairs.p1080038

img_3223Even the locals seem to have adopted the town’s favourite hue.p1080069p1080098p1080057Chaouen is an excellent base for exploring the Rif mountains. Taking a path east near the waterfall, we followed the stream up the gorge into the surrounding hills.dsc_0108dsc_0232For a spectacular view of the town from the highlands.dsc_0213Venturing down a different route, we passed small dwellings built into the side of the hills each with its a unique look and character.

Chefchoeun, the little gem of Morocco deserves its cool blue reputation.

3 thoughts on “Chefchaouen: A Blue Mountain Gem

  1. Very interested and happy reading about your adventures. Also such amazing photography!keep up the great work,best wishes for whatever is to come your. Way. Winnie barrington, Lianne’s mom.

    • So nice to see you here Winnie! Thank you for you support. As we travel, I’m constantly amazed at the diversity, both natural and man-made that we discover, and sharing our experiences enhances it all as well. Take care!! -Ginette

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