Postcard of the Week: Saint-Jean-Baptiste Bonfire

June 24th is Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, Quebec’s National Holiday. Historically bonfires were lit to honour the summer solstice and eventually associated with St. John the Baptiste on the eve of June 24th. Today La Saint-Jean celebrates Francophone identity, culture and history.


Bonfire at Lac Poisson Blanc — Outaouais, Quebec


5 thoughts on “Postcard of the Week: Saint-Jean-Baptiste Bonfire

    • Curt, I could’t help but google that. Yes ‘Bonfire’ seems to hark back to ancient pagan rituals where huge piles of slaughtered livestock bones where burned during the summer. And this practice–discarded bones from the winter meals were piled outside and a fire would be set to get rid of them. I’ll stick to campfires, thank you:)

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