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Hall's Apple Market

Harvest time at Hall’s Apple Market — Brockville, Ontario

7 thoughts on “Postcard of the Week

  1. Now that is a lot of apples. I went on a tour of the Harry and David factory a couple of weeks ago. It’s located in Medford, Oregon near where I live. It’s a massive operation and apples have there own large space, shipping out over a million each season. –Curt

    • Curt, Hall’s Apple Market is a small family orchard dating back to 1947. We’ve been picking apples there since the girls were little.

      Just as picking your own is fun, visiting the factory would be interesting.

      Big shiny red apples, we take them for granted there’s always an abundance at the supermarket. – Ginette

      • I grew up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Ginette. The area had a large pear and apple industry. In fact I worked in the pear orchards all through high school to earn spending money. Today, the area east of Placerville is known as Apple Hill and has a one month festival where you can go and buy (or pick) anything apple, including scrumptious apple pies.


  2. A lot of apples indeed!! Some of them probably end up on our supermarket shelves. Our apples grow up North where it is colder, so I have never seen one on a tree or picked any!

    • Madhu, I hope you get to experience this Canadian fall tradition some day.
      Joy is…celebrating fall with the family at the local orchard, eating freshly picked apples right off the tree. 🙂

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