One Year of Blogging: Our Top 10 Postcards

On our 1st anniversary of blogging, here are the top 10 postcards of the year. It’s interesting to note that 4 out of 10 images were captured in Brockville.

I don’t have to take a trip around the world or be on a yacht in the Mediterranean to have happiness. I can find it in the little things, like looking out into my backyard. ~ Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah is right; we don’t have to travel far to find beauty; still, we look forward to capturing images from far-off places on our round-the-world trip. In the meantime, as we plan and prepare for our journey, we are reminded to appreciate our immediate surroundings.

1. An early morning practice on the St. Lawrence River in Brockville, Ontario

Rowers, Brockville, Ontario

2. Canoeing, a summertime classic at Lac Poisson Blanc – La Pêche, Québec

Canoeing, a summertime classic. Lac Poisson Blanc, La Pêche, Quebec

3. Misty morning in Long Lake, New York

Long Lake, New York

4. Harvest time at Hall’s Apple Market in Brockville, Ontario

Hall's Apple Market

5. First Presbyterian Church and Sally Grant at sunset in Brockville, Ontario

First Presbyterian Church and Sally Grant at sunset -- Brockville, Ontario

6. A once magnificent doorway ages quickly in the Castro era. – Havana, Cuba

Weathered doorway

7. A beautiful tree in silhouette at the Brockville Country Club. – Brockville, Ontario

The days are getting longer.

8. Misty November day along California’s northern coast in Bodega Bay, California

Mendocino Coast, California

9. Bonfire at Lac Poisson Blanc in Outaouais, Quebec


10. Watching over Grizzly Gulch — Handies Peak, Colorado

Handies Peak, Colorado

Tell us, have you travelled far only to return and rediscover your neighbourhood?

Ginette and Gord

7 thoughts on “One Year of Blogging: Our Top 10 Postcards

  1. These photos are beautiful! It was great meeting you at The Stanley Theatre. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and visit us in Utica again soon! Linda

    • Thank you, Linda, the pleasure was ours! Upon leaving the theatre, we took your advice and visited Fountain Elms and the MWP Arts Insitute. Our afternoon in Utica was wonderful. We travelled on to Albany and the Catskills for a great weekend in Central NY. We plan to visit Utica again and our trip will certainly include a show at the theatre. Here is our post on The Stanley

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