Koningsdag: Orange pride in Amsterdam

Once a year under the spell of orange, Netherlanders celebrate “Koningsdag” with vibrant energy.


Get your Orange on for Amsterdams mega party

Decked out in orange, the emblematic colour of the royal family, my girls and I joined in this world-class festival with crazy Amsterdammers to celebrate. I can’t say that orange is a key colour in any of our closets, but we managed to scrounge a few pieces to wear.


April 27th is a public holiday in the Netherlands known as “Koningsdag” or King’s Day (formerly Queen’s Day) that celebrates King Willem-Alexander’s birthday. On this day, Amsterdam shows its true vibrant culture. Wearing and displaying the national colour, the streets and canals come to life, bursting with orange-pride.

Vivianne, our Amsterdam expert who lived there for a year while on an exchange, led the way to the action in the heart of the city. We got off the metro at noon to find the streets already bustling with colourful people walking about with beers in hand, vendors selling street food and music coming from all directions.

Our rule of thumb–“Follow the music!”–led us from dance party to dance party, crossing over canals filled with party boats blasting music and hosting dance parties of their own.



After a rainy first day in Amsterdam, we were thrilled that the sun broke through the clouds to give us a perfect day of sunshine and warm weather.


We found the iconic “I Amsterdam” at Museumplein and joined in the photo shoot with the other tourists…


…posing for our own photos but ended up being upstaged by one of the patriotic locals…


Orange you glad you visited? – We sure are!


Koningsdag, celebrated on April 27th, is a world-class festival you don’t want to miss!

Ginette and the girls

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