Postcard of the Week: Summer Terrace in Quebec City

Enjoying the view and the break, looking up at the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac from the terrace–a well-deserved break after helping our middle child settle into what she calls “My first big girl apartment.”

Some downtime in a busy Weekend helping daughter move into her own

Summer terrace in Quebec City Lower Town – La Basse-Ville de Québec, Quebec.

5 thoughts on “Postcard of the Week: Summer Terrace in Quebec City

  1. I love Quebec city. What a fabulous spot to live for your daughter. How are the trip plans coming?
    Feel free to delete this but when I initially looked at your blog through WordPress Reader on my phone I couldn’t see the photos. All ok on my laptop. Could be just my phone although it is not happening with other blogs.

    • Thanks Sue, I’ll definitely have a look at that! Vivianne is loving Quebec City and so are we, taking advantage to visit when we can. Gord is there currently for the Quebec Festival d’Été and was at the epic Rolling Stones concert last night with 93000 other fans. RTW trip-418 days to go:)

  2. BTW, how’s the RTW plan going? We’re in the process of planning for a month in the Balkans in September. We’ve been to Bosnia, and are looking forward to a few more countries in the area. ~James

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