The Romance of Old Barns

While travelling along back roads through the Western Catskills and Central New York, Ginette regularly calls out to Gord “Stop, there’s an old weathered barn!”

Dotting the rural countryside, these architectural relics evoke memories of simpler times and glorified country life.

Here’s a collection from our travels ranging from simple to grand, abandoned to well-loved, board and batten or metal clad, with paint and wood weathered by the elements –disappearing rural gems that urge to be photographed.

Barn Photo Showcase


Prince Edward County Barn--Wellington, Ontario

Some are more rustic than others.


We find beauty even in sagging rooflines or destroyed roofs…


DSC_0177 DSC_0283

…and appreciate the details such as these cupolas.
DSC_0680The romance of old barns captures our heart. Call us barn enthusiasts.

Gord & Ginette

12 thoughts on “The Romance of Old Barns

      • Yeah it was lovely. I got the chance a few times durian the summer to drive to the very end of lofoten. Some pictures of that in the article; ‘where the sun never sets’. Thanks for the photos, I’ll keep following 🙂 – Stephen

  1. What a great collection of old barns and I imagine you have some warm memories of your travels as you collected these photos. I remember years ago there was a craze to rehab the old barns into homes and I always thought that they would be an amazing space to live in. Both the buildings and their settings just seem to complement each other. Anita

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