Postcard of the Week: Red Covered Bridge

Winter at the Ruisseau-Meech Bridge over Meech Creek, one of seven authentic covered bridges remaining in the Gatineau Valley. In the nearby quaint village of Wakefield (La Pêche), there is the spectacular reconstructed Gendron bridge spanning the Gatineau River. In the early 20th century, there were hundreds of such bridges dotting the Québec countryside.

Chelsea Covered Bridge, Meech bridge near Wakefield Quebec

Ruisseau-Meech Bridge (1924). 

5 thoughts on “Postcard of the Week: Red Covered Bridge

    • Curt, there’s a popular covered bridge (also red and four times longer) in the nearby town of Wakefield where we were. We’ve been visiting the region regularly for over 20 years and only found out about this one last weekend…I was busy socializing with my sister and so…I sent Gord on a mission to check it out…and he came back with many shots of the bridge–I should have gone with him–next time! I agree, the red particularly stands out this time of year. -Ginette

      • Several years ago I was traveling across the country doing genealogical research and I came to the small town of Winterset in Iowa where my Great Grandfather had lived. In addition to being the birthplace of John Wayne, it had a very pretty covered bridge. I then realized I was in Madison County. It was one of the “Bridges of Madison County.” 🙂 –Curt

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