Huacachina: Peru’s Desert Oasis

The hamlet of Huacachina lies among giant dunes in the arid region south of Lima. An underground spring feeds a small lagoon which is surrounded by the village. It is an oasis of green in the mountainous waves of sand which has become a favourite stop on the “Gringo Trail” of Peru.


The Huacachina desert oasis and surrounding dunes.

Small hotels, hostels, gift shops and restaurants are the backbone of commerce in Huacachina providing the continuous flow of tourists with services they require.

The lagoon at Huacachina, Peru

The lagoon at Huacachina, Peru

The main attraction is the thrilling rides in the sand dunes in a motorised buggy and sandboarding.


It’s a roller coaster feeling riding the sand waves in a dune buggy.


For the athletically challenged, sand-sledding is an alternative option.


A crooked tree in the desert of Huacachina

The late afternoon excursion tours conclude watching the sun set over the unique landscape.


Gringo’s gathering for sunset

The days are warm and sunny and the evenings fresh and breezy, a perfect place to recharge your batteries poolside, have some fun and get a good nights sleep.


Our relaxing hostel’s backyard hideout.

7 thoughts on “Huacachina: Peru’s Desert Oasis

    • Hi Curt,
      I remember the dunes in Death Valley at the Furnace Creek junction (or was it Stovepipe Wells?). My ten year old daughter (who was travelling with me) said we should go play on the big sand piles in the distance. Since it was 51C or 120 F I vetoed the idea. Huacachina was a pleasant 20C and the sand boarding was a blast. -Gord

      • Stovepipe Wells. Good idea on the veto! I stay out of Death Valley in the summer but like to play there in the fall, winter and spring. I can imagine that the sand boarding would be a kick, Gord! But then, of course, there is the walk back up. 🙂 –Curt

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