Market Day in Puno

Puno is not a particularly attractive destination, a port city used as the jumping off point for day trips to Lake Titicaca, or so we’ve read.

It’s Saturday morning in Puno, and we go out to explore the city. This will be our last stop before moving on from Peru.

To our delight, it’s market day and the city streets are crammed with activity. We wander and take lots of pictures. dsc_0006dsc_0079dsc_0077dsc_0083p1030033

Even furniture and clothes stalls spill into the streets. dsc_0015dsc_0072dsc_0399

This gentleman was selling sugarcane beverage, extracting the miracle juice on the spot; benefiting the lungs, bronchitis, asthma, osteoporosis, prostate, cancer, and your overall mental and physical state. dsc_0017

But we settled on fruits to snack on as we meandered through the hectic outdoor markets. dsc_0020Puno may not be the prettiest place to visit but is certainly has lots of life.

8 thoughts on “Market Day in Puno

  1. Wonderful photos that show that Andean lifestyle. I agree Puno is not a destination anyone should put at the top of their list. We went there for the same reason as you – to go to the Uros Islands, but while we were there we heard about a festival so went back a couple of weeks later and stayed for 10 days. The festival, Candelaria, rivals Rio’s Carnival in size and was absolutely amazing.

    • Alison, I remember your phenomenal post and colourful costumes of Candelaria. Although not as majestic, we did see a procession celebrating El Señor de los Milagros (Lord of Miracles) and it was quite an affair. They do celebrate big! -Ginette

  2. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures. I am enjoying South America through you postcards. Quite an adventure, stay well and please keep posting.

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