Caulker, the Caye to Laid Back Belize

When Environment Canada issues weather alerts and we have a scheduled flight south, we battle the freezing rain to the airport hoping it doesn’t get cancelled. After a wearing ride, we board when all is on schedule.

Aboard we rest during the necessary de-icing, we patiently wait as visions of the tropics dance in our heads before the captain informs us he is negotiating with the tower the fine line between ice rain and light snow. Surely, they can see it’s only drizzling rain.

A while later, the pilot updates that the plane is returning to the terminal for refuelling prompting a babble of groans. Seriously, how much fuel gets sucked up while idling on a runway for two hours? Now, a passenger is asking to disembark. Can you do that? After a lengthy conversation with immigration, apparently, it can be done. The plane now refuelled and one traveller lighter, we return to the runway for a second de-icing. Finally, after a three-hour delay, the metal bird takes off.

Hello, sunny Belize. Hell yeah, we’ve escaped winter and are giddy to set foot in your country.

Upon arrival at Belize City’s airport, we pick up a taxi and easily navigate the 25-minute ride to the water taxi terminal. Sixty minutes later we arrive in Caye Caulker.

From the village, we catch a golf cart taxi and travel along the beach road heading to the southern tip, passing cafés, hotels, and brightly-painted homes.

The pungent scent of seaweed and the salty sea breeze fills the air as we continue beyond the island’s airstrip and arrive at our guest house.

Caye Caulker’s motto is ‘GO SLOW’, so we do just that.

We embrace the art of active laziness; sip coffee at sunrise from the dock, lounge by the pool with a Rock Iguana companion.

Read in the shade, take guiltless afternoon naps and cycle about the rustic island.

In the late afternoon, we join the cool kids and hang out at The Split.

At Happy hour, we beach bar crawl sipping rum drinks and beer from the many eclectic establishments.

And pose along the beach with other backpackers and retires snapping sunset pics.

There are ‘No Bad Days’ in Caye Caulker!


9 thoughts on “Caulker, the Caye to Laid Back Belize

  1. This sounds idyllic. Clearly you’re having an awesome time lazing your way through doing very little, but so rich with joy and pleasure. Lovely photos. I’d be envious except we’re in Delhi on our way to Rishikesh for a month.
    Have a wonderful time. Caye Caulker sounds wonderful.

    • Alison, I’ve been neglecting following along your stories and it warms my heart to read that you are still travelling through the world, and to the Himalayan foothills no less, how wonderful! Happy trails to you both. – Ginette

  2. Si Dieu nous prête vie et santé et que Viv est encore en Colombie nous irons passer un mois a Carthagène en Colombie au mois de février

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