Urban Art of Cuenca

Against a backdrop of historic churches, parks, museums, monasteries, squares, and buildings, the city streets of Cuenca are filled with multi-colored murals, street art at it’s finest. dsc_0676

p1010812Since 2013, Cuenca is the only town in Ecuador with an ordinance that regulates street art, developed to discourage illegal defacing and trespassing of both private and public spaces. Working with the graffer community, they even supply them with paint.

Cement walls become canvases, creative outlets for the city’s young artist — more art than graffiti.dsc_0729

p1010818Walking along the river Tomebamba is no exception.p1010796



p1010813As we meandered through the historic centre, I found the juxtaposition of the urban visual art against the well-preserved architecture a refreshing balance, where freedom of expression and UNESCO World Heritage buildings live in harmony.

Heading back to our room, I turned around, “I almost missed this one!”p1010955Ginette

8 thoughts on “Urban Art of Cuenca

  1. I expected to see more that were familiar. I don’t know how we spent two weeks in Cuenca and missed most of these. The last one is familiar, but I’d have to look back through my photos to see if we saw any of the others, but most probably not. I love the guitar player under the moon, and the one above it.

  2. What an incredible place!! So inspiring! ! So thrilled to see you both having an awesome trip! (Though Pete misses his football watching buddy 😉

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